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 I walked through the old fair grounds, trying to find something in the least bit entertaining to do. I rode all the rides, ate funnel cake, and played all of the games. But I had a feeling I might of missed something. Eh, who would normally care, right? I mean, you rode everything. But this was a tad different. My friends wanted me to do everything at the fair, because I had only been once in my life.
 I continued to walk around, until I stumbled upon what seemed to be an old, circus tent. Me being who I am, my curiosity got the best of me. I glanced at the tent a bit, seeing the... bland colors. Nothing but black and white. I looked up at the top, to see if it had anything. All that was there was a sign that said "Dark Raven's Telling." I noticed a light glowing through the tent. It seemed like a lantern. I pondered for a moment, thinking if I should go in or not. Again, me being the curious person I was, I went in for a little look.
 The only thing that was really noticeable about the small tent was a crystal ball on a black stand; also upon the table there was a deck of cards, and two chairs. I immediately realized what it was. It was one of those fortune telling things. I sat down in one of the chairs and waited. A young woman with black hair turned in the chair, with a crooked smile. God, this was already getting creepy.
 "Welcome to the Telling." She said, her smile staying the same. I noticed that she had a black tattoo of a question mark on her right shoulder, taking up most of it. She had very milky white skin, almost like a ghost. Another thing to notice about her was a large gash going across her right cheek, and her striking blue eyes. Never the less, she looked like a normal, young woman.
 "Would you like anything done today? Your fortune read... Possibly buy some magic cards?" She asked me. When I heard the words 'magic cards' a smile tugged at my lips. I had always been a fan of cards, ever since I was a little boy. I asked her if I could buy the best magic cards she had. She nodded and left the table for a moment, not making a sound. She walked back over and set down the deck of cards. All of the cards were black, with white writing, or so I thought. I saw one grey card in the deck, which took me a while to notice, because of how detailed the others were. I asked her how much it would cost for one deck. "Due to this being my only set of these kinds of cards, would you mind paying 10 dollars?" She asked me, her voice so smooth, seeming to be hiding something. I nodded and pulled my money out of my pocket, paying her. She smiled her crooked smile once more and spoke. "You have to be very, very careful. These cards hold a special kind of power.." She told me. "You have been warned." I raised my brow at her, seeming to wonder if this was an act. I let it brush off my shoulder and simply thanked her, and left.
 Upon the time I got home I looked at the box of cards, they read "Raven's dark deck." I was happy to know I could use something to pass my time with, if I had nothing to do. I read the instructions on the back, giving me warnings and the small parts thingy. I never really bothered to read what it said at the bottom.. "Black Magick involved."
 I opened up the cards and started to play with them. I shuffled them up, and lied them down on my desk. I then looked at the grey card, seeing that is was the Trump Card. The only thing it said was "Make a Wish." on it. I chuckled a bit to myself and closed my eyes, making a wish.

3 Days later.

 I noticed something a bit odd about my house. Things were going missing, many things fell of shelves, and all of the electronics didn't work. I also felt as if someone was with me... Watching my every move. This disturbed me. I decided to read the rest of the things on the box, seeing if this had anything to do with it. To my surprise, it did. "Black Magick involved." I read those words a few times. After a few more days, things got... Worse.

Damn it.

 I heard burning things such as this could cause the evil to go away, and spread salt on it. So, I did just that. I took the cards and quickly burned them with a match. Hearing a scream come from the cards, I quickly threw them out the window of my room, hoping the evil would leave.

It did...
But not fully.

 Things got a tad better, but I still felt a presence in the house. I knew someone was here, and I knew they meant harm. I had to get rid of this, quickly. After a few more days my electronics started to work, due to it getting a little better. I looked up what to do if an evil spirit was in your house.

It just told me to do what I already did.

 I knew that this spirit meant harm to me, due to it seeming to be throwing things at me every time it got it's hands on something. This bothered me even more. So I had no choice. I had to move out.

4 months later.

 I had just finished unpacking my belongings when I looked in the box, to see if I had anything left. My heart raced when I noticed something a bit odd. It was the deck of cards. They were perfectly fine, yet one was missing. The Trump Card. I felt as if I just jumped right out of my skin.

 I quickly got into my car with the cards, driving to the fair grounds. As soon as I got out of the car, I ran all the way back to the tent.

..I almost had a heart attack..

The tent was gone. The entire thing was burned to the ground, but I noticed one thing that was still in tact in the middle of the rubble..

The grey trump card.

..And I listened real close...

I heard the same scream as I did when I burned the cards.
This is for my CreepyPasta OC, Raven. The fortune teller.
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November 17, 2013


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